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ssh command returns “stdin: is not a tty”

If you run a command via ssh (secure shell) on linux and you get the following output: stdin: is not a tty The most common cause is the mesg y or similar command found in the file: /etc/bashrc What is mesg ? mesg is a Unix command that sets or reports the permission other users have to write to your terminal using the talk and write commands. How can I fix this issue? Option 1 would be to comment out the line. Option 2 would be to change the line to something like this to only invoke the command when you are actually using a connection with tty: if tty -s; then mesg y; fi

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Install WordPress on Linux in 5 Seconds

WordPress is available on WordPress.org in two formats, .zip and .tar.gz: I wanted an option to download and extract WordPress as easily as possible. I had looked for a way to do this with the zip format but apparently Archives read from standard input are not yet supported, except with funzip (and then only the first member of the archive can be extracted). (source So, my solution was to use WordPress’ latest.tar.gz file and pipe it (stdin/stdout). Running the following command will create a wordpress folder in your current working directory with all files: wget -O – http://wordpress.org/latest.tar.gz | gzip -c -d | tar -x Notes: wget -O – //send output to stdout, use – before the URL gzip -c -d //read from stdin, decompress tar -x // extract, could probably also use -v to verify

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