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WordPress: Sticky vs Announcement

WordPress has a built-in feature for creating a “Sticky” post, which will allow it to sit above all of the other posts in the news stream / blog stream. There is also a little plugin called “WP-Sticky” that will allow you to change a post’s sticky status, or as it is labeled “Post Sticky Status” to be of the following types: Announcement Sticky Normal The difference between “Sticky” and “Announcement” is a minor one: Announcement keeps the post at the top of your blog no matter what. Sticky post status keeps the post at the top of whatever page it is on. To give an example, when a post is set as sticky and it is one of the 10 most recent posts, it will be at the top of the homepage (if your pagination is set to 10 posts per page, as is default). However, when that post becomes 11th – 20th in queue, it will be “sticky” at post #11, or the top of page 2. It is important to note that the WP-Sticky plugin actually won’t affect WordPress’ own “sticky” status. A little confusing but this is good to know.

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