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Airline Ticket E-mail Monitoring Services

Want a cheap airfare? Watching those plane tickets for the best price? I’ve started to compile a list of services which alert you when they find the best deal. http://www.bookingbuddy.com/sub/changesubscriptions.php http://www.airfarewatchdog.com/ (click on my fare alerts in the top right) https://www.kayak.com/k/profile/alerts also try: TripAdvisor.com/flights Kayak.com Yapta.com Bing.com/travel Travelocity.com Orbitz.com Farecompare.com Let me know if you have more!

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Vatican City / 3D Tours

Just found this great site which offers 360 views of St Peter’s and Vatican City. http://www.panoramicearth.com/65/Rome/St_Peter’s_Basilica Nice integration of google maps, too.

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Renaming Cities

Bombay -> Mumbai Saigon -> Ho Chi Minh

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