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Typinator has a funny icon with two dots and is not working

On Mac OS X I use Typinator (Text Expander alternative) and lately it has been showing a weird icon in the menu bar (pictured below) and it is not working. The expansion is not paused, and I don’t see any options which would prevent it from working, but it is not working. Quitting and restarting the application does not help, but restarting the computer does fix the issue until it goes into this mode again. Solution for Typinator in Secure Keyboard Mode What does this mean? Typinator has detected “secure keyboard mode”. The icon with two black dots appears when Typinator cannot see what you are typing because your computer is operating in “secure keyboard mode”. Typinator uses an “event monitor” to watch you typing. For security reasons, Mac OS X disables the monitor when you are typing in a password field. However, there are a few programs that turn secure keyboard mode on and do not turn it back off when there no longer is any security risk. In this particular situation, secure keyboard mode was turned on by Typinator. If you do not know which application is causing the problem, try quitting applications one by one and watch Typinator’s icon in the menu bar. When the icon goes back to normal, you know that you have found the culprit. If you have further questions, please see our FAQ page for more information.

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