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Connect to a Shared Folder with VirtualBox and Windows XP

Connecting to a Shared Folder with VirtualBox and Windows XP is easy. In the following example Windows XP (TinyXP) is being used to connect to VirtualBox on Mac OS X Mountain Lion. On your list of VirtualBox machines choose the windows XP machine you want to share a folder with and then click “Settings” Choose the “Shared Folders” tab and then select the path on your host computer that you want to share with the Virtual Machine Select the options “Auto mount” and “Make permanent” if you would like this connection to persist If your Windows XP virtual machine is running you may need to restart it Open “My Computer” and from the “Tools” menu choose “Map Network Drive” When the “Map Network Drive” dialog box opens click on “Browse” Choose “Virtualbox Shared Folders” and then “\VBOXSVR” and then the name of your shared folder – (VBOXSVR is how virtualbox refers your host machine – opposed to Remote Desktop / Terminal services which refers to it as \tsclient / tsclient ) Click OK and now you should have your new drive appearing in “My Computer”

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Virtualbox Enable Auto Capture

If you’re getting an error about Virtualbox Enable Auto Capture The Virtual Machine reports that the guest OS supports mouse pointer integration. This means that you do not need to capture the mouse pointer to be able to use it in your guest OS — all mouse actions you perform when the mouse pointer is over the Virtual Machine’s display are directly sent to the guest OS. If the mouse is currently captured, it will be automatically uncaptured. The mouse icon on the status bar will look like to inform you that mouse pointer integration is supported by the guest OS and is currently turned on. Note: Some applications may behave incorrectly in mouse pointer integration mode. You can always disable it for the current session (and enable it again) by selecting the corresponding action from the menu bar. Enabling Virtualbox Auto Capture You can enable VirtualBox Auto Capture by visiting the Global Preferences Pane and choosing the Input tab.

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