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Google Implements Voice Search

Google Implements Voice Search At 1:18am EST on 23 June 2011 Google has implemented Voice Search. Google Voice Search was a tool from Google Labs that allowed someone to use thei¬†phone to make a Google query. After the user called (650) 623-6706, the number of Google Voice’s search system, they would wait for the words Say your Search Keywords and then say the keywords. Since the introduction of the service, products from Google, such as GOOG-411, Google Maps and Google Mobile App, have been developed to use speech recognition technology in various ways. Next, they would either wait to have the page updated, or click on a link to bring up the search page the user requested. At the moment, both the demo of this service and the page have been shut down. In the summer of 2008, Google added voice search to the BlackBerry Pearl version of Google Maps for mobile, allowing Pearl users to say their searches in addition to typing them.

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