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Solved: Raspbian with Edimax EW-7811UN WiFi Adapter and 802.1X authentication or WPA shared key authentication

Recently I wanted to set up Wireless (Wi Fi) Ethernet 802.1X authentication on a Raspberry Pi with Raspbian “wheezy” 3.6 (version 3.6.11 actually) and the Edimax EW 7811UN WiFi Adapter. I had read a lot of posts about having trouble with the Edimax adapter – and how you would need to replace the driver file cfg80211.ko and / or rebuild one from the source code. This simply wasn’t true for me – the device worked very well right out of the box – with a few small configuration changes which I will share with you. Here is my setup: Raspberry Pi was a “Pi Model B” with the 512MB of memory Downloaded Raspbian wheezy from the downloads site – version was `2013-05-25-wheezy-raspbian.zip1 Created a SD card with the image EW-7811UN WiFi Adapter Notes: If you boot up the Pi and then plug in the EW-7811UN WiFi Adapter directly to the Pi, it will likely crash / reboot the Pi. This is not a problem with either device, but the EW-7811UN WiFi Adapter requires a lot of power and so it underloads the Raspberry Pi’s circuits and causes this behavior. If you have a powered USB hub (in my case my monitor) and plug / unplug the EW-7811UN WiFi Adapter then you will not cause the system to crash / reboot I did my initial bootup of the Pi without the EW-7811UN WiFi Adapter plugged in I did not select any special options on the first boot – I just went … Continue reading

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