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Woo Themes and Affiliate Link Structure

Recently received an error from Woo. It’s below, and it has some unique insights to how the database and affiliate tracking is done. Database Error Database Error A database error occurred while performing the requested procedure. Please review the database error below for more information. system/libraries/drivers/Database/Mysql.php [371]: There was an SQL error: Duplicate entry ‘9802422’ for key 1 – INSERT INTO `wm_affclick` (`aff_id`, `url`, `remote_addr`, `referrer`, `woo_product`, `is_unique`) VALUES (‘123456’, ‘http://www.woothemes.com/extension/google-product-feed/’, ‘’, NULL, ”, 0) Stack Trace system/libraries/drivers/Database/Mysql.php [99]:Mysql_Result->__construct( ) system/libraries/Database.php [259]:Database_Mysql_Driver->query( INSERT INTO `wm_affclick` (`aff_id`, `url`, `remote_addr`, `referrer`, `woo_product`, `is_unique`) VALUES ('123456', 'http://www.woothemes.com/extension/google-product-feed/', '', NULL, '', 0) ) system/libraries/Database.php [962]:Database_Core->query( INSERT INTO `wm_affclick` (`aff_id`, `url`, `remote_addr`, `referrer`, `woo_product`, `is_unique`) VALUES ('123456', 'http://www.woothemes.com/extension/google-product-feed/', '', NULL, '', 0) ) application/models/affiliatestats.php [138]:Database_Core->insert( wm_affclick, Array ( [aff_id] => 123456 [url] => http://www.woothemes.com/extension/google-product-feed/ [remote_addr] => [referrer] => [woo_product] => [is_unique] => 0 ) ) application/helpers/log.php [95]:AffiliateStats_Model->create( Array ( [aff_id] => 123456 [url] => http://www.woothemes.com/extension/google-product-feed/ [remote_addr] => [referrer] => [woo_product] => [is_unique] => 0 ) ) application/controllers/go.php [124]:log_Core->add_affclick( 123456, http://www.woothemes.com/extension/google-product-feed/ ) Go_Controller->index( ) system/core/Kohana.php [291]:ReflectionMethod->invokeArgs( Go_Controller Object ( [uri] => URI Object ( ) [input] => Input Object ( [use_xss_clean:protected] => 1 [magic_quotes_gpc:protected] => 1 [ip_address] => ) [session] => Session Object ( [input:protected] => Input Object ( [use_xss_clean:protected] => 1 [magic_quotes_gpc:protected] => 1 [ip_address] => ) ) ) ) Kohana::instance( ) system/core/Event.php [209]:call_user_func( Array ( [0] => Kohana [1] => instance ) ) system/core/Bootstrap.php [55]:Event::run( system.execute ) index.php [106]:require( system/core/Bootstrap.php )Loaded in 0.0088 seconds, using 1.13MB of memory. Generated by Kohana v2.3.4.

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Remove WooCommerce Generator Tag

If you would like to remove the Remove WooCommerce Generator Tag from the <head> section of your WordPress installation, you can add the following line somewhere, perhaps in your wordpress functions.php file: remove_action(‘wp_head’, array($GLOBALS[‘woocommerce’],’generator’)); I’ve updated the code to work with the most recent version of Woo Commerce, try adding this to the functions.php file of your WordPress theme: function remove_woo_commerce_generator_tag() { remove_action(‘wp_head’,array($GLOBALS[‘woocommerce’], ‘generator’)); } add_action(‘get_header’,’remove_woo_commerce_generator_tag’); That will prevent the following line from being shown in your HTML code: <!– WooCommerce Version –> <meta name=”generator” content=”WooCommerce 1.5″ />

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14 Most Popular Woo Themes

Backstage A powerful niche theme design for musicians and artists showcasing their media, upcoming shows and music using hugely flexible custom widgets and audio players. This beautifully crafted layout was designed by Elliot Jay Stocks and boasts 7 alternate styles. Live demo – Read more Biznizz Built on WooThemes own winning formula, Biznizz will give your website a fresh new look. Its integrated slider and custom homepage layout, in addition to the optional portfolio page template, makes Biznizz a great candidate for your next business website. Live demo – Read more Caffeinated This personal portfolio theme by Ryan Downie was originally designed for his own personal use – fueled by his passion for Coffee, Red Bull and lunchtime pot of noodles according to his Twitter stream. It’s perfect for anyone wanting a bold design to show off their work. Live demo – Read more City Guide This theme was developed to cater for directory-based WordPress sites. For example, a guide to a city with shops, restaurants and other places of interest all archived in posts with geo-tags, custom content about the locations, and well presented in this killer theme designed by Sam Brown. Live demo – Read more Continuum A Magazine theme which features a custom homepage, custom typography and some extra custom widgets, all to help your news/magazine website get a stylish and functional look. Designed by Simon Collison. Live demo – Read more Crisp Designed by Tyler Galpin, and boasting all-new tumblog functionality with a quick publishing form on the dashboard Crisp is perfect for lazy bloggers who … Continue reading

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Complete List of Woo Commerce Themes

Sentient Whitelight Whitelight Commerce Unsigned Shelflife Olya Sliding Beveled Buro Commerce Empire Commerce Briefed Commerce Wikeasi Currents Emporium Kaboodle Commerce Inspire Commerce Bizznizz Commerce Teamster Argentum Canvas Commerce Simplicity Commerce Statua Commerce Woostore Coquette Buro Announcement Empire SupportPress Editorial Statua Briefed FaultPress Kaboodle Saving Grace Premiere Simplicity Delicious Magazine Listings BoldNews Biznizz Auld Listings Elefolio Chapters Continuum Diner Caffeinated Crisp Sealight Unite Estate Coda Inspire Apz Spectrum Diarise Boast Retreat City Guide Slanted Cinch Canvas Postcard Delegate MyStream Optimize Backstage SophisticatedFolio Digital Farm Headlines Royalle f0101 Exposure Therapy Daily Edition Object Antisocial Coffee Break Mortar Big Easy Groovy Photo Groovy Blog Feature Pitch Suit and Tie The Journal myweblog Aperture Bloggingstream The Station Groovy Video Productum Newsport Cushy WooTube Foreword Thinking Geometric Abstract Busy Bee Gotham News THiCK Over Easy Ambience Open Air Fresh Folio Paper Cut VibrantCMS ProudFolio Fresh News Live Wire Gazette Flash News NewsPress

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Canvas Commerce psd

The WooTheme “Canvas Commerce” photoshop psd files is not listed in the downloads section of the WooThemes member area: It is unclear why no PSD files are included for download, however, this is actually the case for several of the Woo Commerce themes including: Kaboodle Commerce PSD Inspire Commerce PSD Bizznizz Commerce PSD Canvas Commerce PSD Simplicity Commerce PSD Statua Commerce PSD

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WooThemes Graphic Designer

The WooThemes Graphic Designer team consistently does a nice job of getting their message across. They obviously have a strong background in visual communication. Take for example their simple message promoting a new product:

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WooThemes Community Population

The WooThemes Community Size was approximately 156,000 members as of February 2011. WooThemes Community Population:

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