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How to Remove the <ul> container with the wp_nav_menu function

Although WordPress has an option to remove the container from the wp_nav_menu function, that is generally for the <div> and not the <ul> that wraps the <li> items. So, while you can use the options to remove the <div>, the <ul> will stay. It might be good to use a filter method like add_filter( ‘wp_nav_menu’, ‘remove_ul’ ) to accomplish the filter I have below, but that the filter was not being applied at the time of writing, so I (used to) recommend changing the echo option to false, and returning the value of the wp_nav_menu function to a variable, and then running a regular expression on it to remove the encompassing </ul><ul> and </ul>. This code worked for me, running WordPress 3.0.4: $options = array( ‘echo’ => false ,’container’ => false ); $menu = wp_nav_menu($options); echo preg_replace( array( ‘#^<ul [^>]*>#’, ‘#</ul>$#’ ), ”, $menu ); Use Site Pages as a Default Fallback If you want it to use the site’s pages as a default (if no menu is specified and the function is called), you can add an additional function and change the options array as shown: function default_page_menu() { wp_list_pages(‘title_li=’); } $options = array( ‘echo’ => false ,’container’ => false ,’fallback_cb’=> ‘default_page_menu’ ); $menu = wp_nav_menu($options); echo preg_replace( array( ‘#^<ul [^>]*>#’, ‘#</ul>$#’ ), ”, $menu ); Update: A Better Way to Remove the <ul> element I think as of WordPress 3.1 they added a new parameter to make it easier to get rid of the </ul><ul> that wraps the … Continue reading

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