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Google’s Zip Code Lookup

So, I was using one of Google’s sign up forms, and I noticed that it gave me a nice tip – The valid zip codes for my state! Along with some sample zip codes for my country (usa). I opened up the firebug console and checked out the ajax call – it was this: https://www.google.com/adsense/addrform/resources?kind=country&code=US That’s really cool. It returned an XML document with all the state’s valid zipcodes. While it may be unreliable to make this same AJAX call from within your own web application every time, the XML document itself is quite valuable with the zip code validation. Download that XML document here.

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XML-RPC – WordPress Remote Publishing

Just linked up Clipmarks with my blog. It uses XML-RPC to publish posts with whatever info I select (clip) from other web pages and blogs. Also, I changed the way it styles content by default using it’s built in settings, then I edited my sytle.css (wordpress theme styles) so that it is presented nicely. Too awesome. The flow of information is fluid. Why does Chrome not have built in spell check for textboxes? Firefox does . . .

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