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Yamaha 4500 Generator – Won’t Start – Solved – Manual

Consumer: Have you ever rebuilt or repaired any Yamaha generators? Or maybe just a generator in general? Yamaha Generator Advice: Our most common generator is the yamaha EF2000is generator, followed by theĀ EF4500 iSE Consumer: How do you like working on those models? Yamaha Generator Advice: I convert a lot from gas to be able to run on gas, propane, or natural gas. Are you going to buy a generator? Consumer: Ok. I got an old 4500 – Yamaha yf4500 – yf-4500 – I’m trying to get running at work that ran fine all summer. Gas is good, new spark plug that is sparking, but won’t pull start. All switches set to run/on. Any ideas what I should check tomorrow? The Internet was no help. And yes fuel valve is on and clear.

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