Google Chrome and Plugins

Google Chrome's Error Screen

Google Chrome's Error Screen

I really wish Google Chrome allowed plugins. Of course Google is probably not too happy about the idea as it might compromise stability of the browser. Plus it would mean they have less control over things – like greasemonkey scripts removing their clickTracking and sponsored ads.

But it’s a shame because the browser is so fast (mainly with Javascript), and it’s also pretty good with standards and features (like moving towards css 3 selectors), but mainly it just loads quickly and it doesn’t take up too many memory problems. (I realize that firefox would also load faster if I disabled some of my extensions, but they really just help speed up my workflow.)

Oh yeah, and Chrome’s break-away tab thing is pretty cool. I’d love to be able to move tabs between windows in firefox, or break them out more easily.

Oh, and finally it’s pretty cool how the browser has some built-in crash-protection / recovery which will keep the OS out of it. @google – Would love to see a (non-hacked) mac version.

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