Connect to Lantronix Spider from Ubuntu RS232 Serial Port or USB

If you need to connect to the Lantronix Spider or SpiderDuo KVM-over-IP Devices via a serial connection, for example to change the configuration or reset the password, you need to use a serial console to do this.

I was using an Ubuntu machine with a standard serial / com port ( DB9/RS232 ) and had one of the $4 RJ45 to DB9/RS232 cables

To get connected I ended up installing picocom which I like better than using screen as it seems to be more forgiving if something goes wrong and not lock up the system.

Then I used the command picocom -b 9600 /dev/ttyS0 to connect to the device and got prompt so I could reset the device:

Choose a command for the following features:
-Initial IP configuration: "config".
-Reset device: "reset".
[(none) spider]>

If you don’t have a RS232 you can also use a ~ $10 USB to RS-232 DB9 Serial Converter in order to get a serial port.

The device will show up in /dev/ as something like /dev/ttyUSB0 which will change your picocom command to be:

picocom -b 9600 /dev/ttyS0

To exit picocom use control+a, control+x.

To install picocom on Ubuntu / Debian linux systems use apt-get install -y picocom

A few notes from the Lantronix page:

How do I perform the reset?

See details on the lantronix page – you will need to use the reset button on the back of the device in combination with a terminal connection described above.

What is the default password?

Try logging in with the default username, sysadmin, and password, PASS

If that does not work, please use the procedure near the top of page 121 of the Spider User Guide

I forgot my password. How can I reset the Spider to factory defaults?

Use the serial interface with a terminal emulator program set to 9600 or 115200, 8 bit characters, No parity, 1 Stop bit, and No flow control. Within 2 seconds of booting the Spider, press the Esc key a few times to get a => prompt. Type defaults at the => prompt.

If you can’t get the => prompt after several tries at 9600, try 115200. Earlier firmware sets the serial console port to 115200 by default.

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