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The Press: Winston-Salem

Monday, Aug. 23, 1926

winston-salemIn the “southern tier” of New York State—the lush butter-and-egg and grape juice counties along the Pennsylvania line—they all know Frank Ernest Gannett. He is the big newspaperman of the region; owns seven dailies, in Rochester, Utica, Elmira, Ithaca, Newburgh. He is a sort of little Munsey in his way, having consolidated various competing organs to make up his string, always keeping an eye open for fresh opportunities.

He is thoroughly of New York state; born in Bristol, schooled at Ithaca, where he got his start scrivening for the undergraduate Cornell Sun. But he would have been popular with the New Yorkers no matter where he was born. Smooth-faced, graying a little, just 50, his personality is of the kind that makes trade organs like the Fourth Estate lay it on thick about “integrity,” “ideals,” “sincerity,” “inspiring confidence and loyalty” in explaining his “romantic” career.   more->

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