iPhone Icon Style .psd Kit

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I was creating an iPhone widget icon for the Jotlet app (primarily for fun) and I noticed a few things and thought I’d share them with you, and create a psd kit for anyone wanting to do the same thing. I’m all about making things look uniform, so I used the traditional Apple iPhone app buttons as a template.

The first thing I noticed is that the iPhone screen is 160ppi. I’m not sure I’ve ever worked with a medium in a ppi other than 72 (other than print, of course), so I’m hoping I did this ok. I first created an empty photoshop doc sized 480 x 320 at 160ppi. I took the image of the iPhone here and cropped the screen out maintaining 3×2 aspect ratio. I pasted the result into the psd and scaled it up to fit. The icons in the result wound up being roughly 58×58px @ 160ppi, not including drop shadow. I made the icons in this kit exactly the size of the ones in the scaled doc.

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