Graphic Design – How to be Creative

Here are some thoughts on ways to find inspiration for design:

  1. Think about what your message will be – what do you want to accomplish
  2. Who will you audience be?
  3. Are there any traits, or anything specific which is appealing to them you can use?
  4. Come up with a few elements or icons which can be repeated
  5. Pick a color palette (or palettes)
  6. See what letters and words fit together.
  7. Think about negative space.
  8. Get some photos to use
  9. Pick one serif, and one sans-serif font to start working with
  10. Alternate serif and sans-serif between headings, body, etc as you move down the hierarchy
  11. Collect some stock photos / drawings / vectors
  12. Try some filters: negative, desaturate, pixelize (large pixels, too) – combine these with a shape, icon, symbol
  13. Zoom in on one area of something larger, emphasize it
  14. Don’t forget about contrast. Try making your small fonts smaller and your headlines bigger. Or make your hues more vibrant and your grays more subtle.
  15. See what others in your industry are doing.
  16. Come back to it later when your imagination runs dry.

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