XHR error code 0 – iStockPhoto

Looking like iStockPhoto is having some issues on their website.

What is an XHR error?

This is an acronym for XHTML-HTTP-Request. In short, AJAX. Istockphoto upgraded their website without much field testing (bad practice) and something has obviously become overloaded.

How can I fix this?

This problem is on their server side. After logging in iStock should be redirecting you to an unsecured HTTP connection instead of HTTPS, but they are not and this causes this problem.

So, since the problem is in your hands, actually all you need to do is go back to their homepage by typing in http://www.istockphoto.com (withouth the S after http) and then find the photo you want to download.

Send a message to @iStock on twitter and complain about this glitch. Or branch out to other services:

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