Bigger Gmail Compose Box

A Gmail Compose Resize Extension for Google Chrome


Have you ever wanted a larger compose box for gMail? especially when using g-mail to reply to a conversation?

I give them credit, most times when composing a new message or using it in full-screen mode, it does well. But if you’re like me, about 80% of your conversations are replies. And that is, after all, what is great about g-mail, right? The awesome threading capabilities.

So why doesn’t g-mail support a resizeable compose box? You are stuck with a fixed size, of about 260 px, even in the Chrome browser!!! A browser that is know to let you resize text boxes by default!

Well, I don’t know the answers to these questions, but they are frustrating, so I’ve written an extension for Chrome (or Chromium) which allows you to specify how big you want that box to be, and then it automatically resizes it (it make take a few seconds after you hit reply to fully grow).

Update: As of 2/7/2012 I’ve written a newer, and more updated extension download it here

Download the extension here:

Bigger Gmail Compose Box

It has an options page, which you can access by going to settings (wrench icon) and then extensions. I have also added in auto-update for this extension. I’m really quite pleased with it and wanted to share.

Let me know what you think.

Having trouble? Didn’t know that Chrome allows extensions? You probably need to upgrade to the latest version. This is tested and working for the 4.x versions, so get the latest chrome now, and after downloading, you need to enable extensions.

Alternatively, if you want a one-click extension install, I suggest using Chromium (which is the development version of Chrome) because it has a lot more power and features and extensions are enabled by default.

See my posts on Downloading the latest Chromium and Chromium is not Chrome.

Also, for other great extensions, check out Chrome Extensions.

Bigger Gmail Compose Box
gmail compose resize for chrome
Gmail Compose Box Larger

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