Click Affinity

I’d like to coin the term “click affinity” in the world of web design – if it does not already exist. I just realized this concept when I visited the Wall Steet Journal’s online magazine site and was immediately tempted to click on many of the stories.

It was a difficult struggle as I had many other things I needed to be working on (ie: no time to visit that site) but there was still a pull to get into their content.

In addition to having good design and usability, the real core piece of being popular online is having good content, which is:

  • Unique / Original
  • Up to date
  • Well-written / Easy to understand

I believe having valuable content, content-teasers, graphics, and yes – even ads will increase that content’s “click affinity,” which will ¬†engage users.

Try to present good content! Raise the click affinity for the items on your website.

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