RsyncX v2.1 for Mac OS X

I’ve decided to post a link for you to download RsyncX, because I recently read about RsyncX and wanted to check it out, but I couldn’t find out where to download it myself. After lots of digging, I came across it and have now reposted it.┬áThe license for the software permits this, too.

So here is a screenshot:


And a short description:

RsyncX is an implementation of rsync with HFS+ support and configuration through a command line (Terminal) or graphical user interface. This release will not overwrite the existing version of rsync, and is completely compatible with all versions of rsync within the 2.6.0 protocol accepted range.

Rsync development has been discontinued from the developer. I’m not the developer, so don’t e-mail me for support questions. I’m just providing a place to download it.

Download RsyncX

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