Fix “” Website Hack

If you are seeing this code, your website has been hacked:

~ Call 911 y0u g0t Hacked by Pak Cyber Army ~ <=Shak=> ~

If your website has been hacked and the spam is showing up, this is how you can fix it:

This exploit usually only affects the root index file, perhaps that is index.html or index.php. Restore this file to a saved, earlier version, or rename it to something like index.txt or index.bak if you need to start from scratch.

You may also want to look at the file-modification time to see when the file was last modified to get some idea of when the attack occurred.

You should check the server logs and look for suspicious FTP activity, or unusually HTTP requests, especially ones with GET parameters or POST data.

You should also check your .htaccess file for rewrite rules which will be redirecting visitors.

If you have shell access run this command to see all files changes within the last 24 hours:

find ~ -mtime -24

You can change ~ to ~/www or the path to your web root as needed.

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