firebug: recursion detected

A PHP Error was encountered
Severity: Warning
Message: json_encode() [function.json-encode]: recursion detected
Filename: firephpcore/FirePHP.class.php
Line Number: 1198

This warning is mostly likely because too much data is being logged. If you are using a framework, especially something like CodeIgniter, this may be the reason. FirePHP detects and breaks recursion but json_encode still has a problem with all of this data.

You can use the object filter feature of the FirePHPCore library to get around this problem:



Using this method you can exclude specific object members from being logged. Look at the classes in your framework and try to determine which object members contain references to other objects that are not really of any interest to you when debugging. Excluding members not required during debugging will dramatically reduce the amount of data logged.

There is a ticket concerning the ability to exclude wrapping code from appearing in traces. Feel free to add your comments:

At this time you cannot limit the number of steps in a backtrace. Please file a ticket to add this feature.


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