AdSense Newsletter August 2011

AdSense Newsletter August 2011

In this issue, we’re bringing you new tools to keep track of your site’s and ads performance and a helpful policy update.- Google +1 for websites reporting- Policy update on iframes

– New platforms performance report
– Multi-dimension reporting

Tip of the Month

+1 Reporting is now available

In our last issue we told you all about the
+1 button and
how it can help you drive more and better qualified traffic to your
site. This time, we’re excited to share the new reporting tools Google
has designed to help you keep track of your +1 activity.
The best place to find out how the +1 button is performing isin
Google Webmaster Tools .
You can get more information on how much additional organic search traffic the +1 button is bringing to your pages, how many times your pages have been +1’d by your users and
demographic information for those users.
If you haven’t done so already, you’ll need to verify your site on Google Webmaster Tools to get access to these features.
In addition to this, Google Analytics is offering the new
Social Plug-in Analytics tool.
This will give you insight into the different types of actions taking
place in your site once users reach it. You’ll be able to compare
behavior between users who +1 your pages and those who don’t, as well as
track other social actions and see which pages are driving the highest
number of them.

Platforms Performance Report

You can now access a brand new report in your AdSense account. It allows you to see which platforms your visitors are using to access your site and the breakdown of your earnings according to each platform; desktop, high-end mobile devices, and other mobile devices.
how to use it to optimize your site.

Regards,The AdSense Optimisation Team

Policy Updates

We recently clarified the language in our
program policies to ban the misuse of iframes that alter behavior targeting or the appearance of AdSense ads.
We published
this blog post to explain the reasoning behind this policy and examples of inappropriate use of iframes.

Multi-dimension Report

A new powerful feature called multi-dimension reporting is now available in the new interface. You can now add dimensions to your performance reports to sort and view data across multiple dimensions, including viewing a channel by date or an ad unit by targeting type.
Check out this post to learn more about how to interactively explore your data and gain performance insights.

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