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I recently was trying to add some functionality to phpMyAdmin – like have some of the fields set to UTF or INT by default. This could be accomplished with a little javascript, but I didn’t just want to go hacking away at the core. Logically there should be a way to add a plugin, but i don’t think there is any documentation on it.

I did find this, which has no replies:

hi everybody,

i’ve read here and there that phpMyAdmin can be extended developing some plugin. e.g. i’ve found this webpage:

with the import and export plugin documentation. unfortunately, that documentation was not so clear about how writing a plugin. could you, please, point me to some reference? a web site, a book… whatever you found useful for plugin development…

thanks in advance


So how about a link to writing a plugin or extension for phpMyAdmin? Does anyone have any good resources?

phpMyAdmin extensions

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  1. Will says:

    I fixed the link in the post – sorry about that. No I have not found any more information about plugins. I ended up editing the main code and adding in a line to point to a javascript file so I could adjust some of the behaviors via jQuery. When upgrading I just have to add that “script” tag in again

  2. Federico says:

    Hi Both links are now broken, but the topic is still very important. There are a lot of good reasons why someone may wish to create (and perhaps share) a plugin for phpMyAdmin. Did you find more information about plugins? Federico

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