Where Is Xcode Installed?

By default Xcode is installed to


How to Uninstall Xcode?

sudo /Developer/Library/uninstall-devtools --mode=all

Make sure you really want to do this before you remove it!

I also got a lot of these errors while uninstalling:

* Missing bundle identifier: /Library/Receipts/Office2008_en_core.pkg
2011-08-25 23:10:58.311 pkgutil[21830:903] PackageKit: *** Missing bundle identifier: /Lib

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2 Responses to Where Is Xcode Installed?

  1. Gil says:

    Another problem that I had was that I installed XCode 3.x before 4.1. When you try to install 4.1, you get an error that asks to remove Xcode from the Applications folder. To fix this, in Finder, browser to Applications and delete Xcode installer. Then you should be good to go.

  2. Reid says:

    devdir=xcode-select -print-path

    This will respect calls to change the developer folder using xcode-select, which people often do when they have multiple Xcodes installed (e.g. 4.1 and 4.2).

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