How to install Pianobar on Mac OS X

You will need homebrew to install gnutls unless you want to install it manually. Get homebrew at

You can either then try brew update to update the homebrew repositories.

To install pianobar using homebrew you can do

brew install pianobar

However, if after installation pianobar is giving you an error, check out the issues at, and if your issue is listed you may need to install the very latest version of pianobar by doing a manual build.

To do this I’d recommend that you remove the homebrew installations of pianobar, and then manually build.

So, to remove the pianobar that was installed with homebrew, type

brew remove --force pianobar

Next see my notes about installing pianobar manually.

// download the root certificates into your home directory as ~/pianobar-cacert.pem
// these are needed to help pianobar make a secure connection to pandora
wget -O ~/pianobar-cacert.pem 

// add the path to the pianobar config file
// ================================================================
echo "tls_ca_path = $HOME/pianobar-cacert.pem" >> ~/.config/pianobar/config 

// install the dev tools
// ================================================================
brew install gnutls json-c

// change to your home directory, then clone the latest version of pianobar
// change to the directory created, make pianobar
cd ~
git clone
cd pianobar/
make clean && make CFLAGS="-O2 -DNDEBUG -W64"

// run pianobar from the current directory

// note: just typing "pianobar" instead of "./pianobar" will fail if the current directory is not in your path

//after running pianobar you should get:

Welcome to pianobar (2011.11.09-dev)! Press ? for a list of commands. (i) Login... Ok. (i) Get stations... Ok. 

// you should then be able to run pianobar on subsequent runs
// by typing in ~/pianobar/pianobar no matter what your current directory is

If you’re getting:

Error: Protocol incompatible. Please upgrade libpiano

Then you should check for issues at

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