jQuery: Change Doctype

There are a few things you might want to know if you’re looking to change the document type (doctype) using jQuery or Javascript. First, doctype is listed as a property in the W3C documentation, and is defined as read-only:

interface Document : Node {
  readonly attribute DocumentType     doctype;
  readonly attribute DOMImplementation  implementation;
  readonly attribute Element          documentElement;
  Element            createElement(in DOMString tagName)
  DocumentFragment   createDocumentFragment();

While it may be possible to insert a doctype with javascript / jquery above the HTML tag, it is not advisable to do so. Sample code which would do this might look like:

<!-- no doctype, loads in Quirks Mode (BackCompat) -->
    <!-- rest of the document, then at the end: -->

        alert('now in compatMode '+document.compatMode);
        if (document.compatMode==='BackCompat') {
            setTimeout(function() {
                var markup= document.documentElement.innerHTML;
                markup= '< !DOCTYPE html><html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" lang="en" xml:lang="en">'+markup+'</html>';
            }, 0);


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