Facebook Cover Photo Dimensions

Facebook has recently upgraded their pages and now allows you to add a Cover Photo – but what size is the ideal dimensions and what should the correct aspect ratio for the Cover Photos be?

Width: 851px Height: 315px 72dpi for internet / 300 for print RGB Color Scheme

Cover Photo Dimensions (Width and Height)

Just remember that the resolution dimensions of the timeline cover for Facebook is 851×315 pixels (width and height).

Download a sample image you can use as a template for your Facebook Cover Photo.

Get the Facebook Cover Photo Dimensions Photoshop Template

Download a template for the Facebook Cover Photo Dimensions, either as a JPG or a Photoshop File. (Right click and save the JPG, it will be rendered smaller than actual size in the web browser, but after you download it you will see it is the exact specified size for the Facebook Cover Photo)

Facebook Cover Photo Dimensions Template

Get the Facebook Cover Photo Dimensions Photoshop Template

High resolution background texture from here

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