Disable Dock OS X Mavericks

I use Quicksilver for almost everything and really hate that the dock always seems to be getting in my way. I was looking for a way to remove it, and found the following lines of code. There are some apps, like DockKiller, which can be a little buggy, but what I’ve found is that using the following commands will (for me) make the Dock small enough and move it into a place where it doesn’t pop up, and so this solution was the one that worked best for me.

To implement this solution, open a terminal and run the following commands:

// makes the dock icon size really really small
defaults write com.apple.dock tilesize -int 1

// puts the dock on the bottom of the screen
// other values are left and right
defaults write com.apple.dock orientation -string bottom

// puts the dock on the left side
// other values are center and end
defaults write com.apple.dock pinning -string start

// restarts the dock so the changes take effect
killall Dock

Here is a screenshot of the dock – this is actual size, a crop from the bottom left corner of my screen :)

Remove Dock on Mac OS X Lion

If you’re looking for general dock preferences you can also check out the Deeper which exposes a lot of these options in a GUI manner:

Remove Dock Permanently Hide On Mac Os X Lion

How do I get to the Trash can now?

I’ve written a little applescript which helps me pull up the trash:

on run
    tell application "Finder"
        open trash
    end tell
end run

You can then save that with a trash icon and put it on your desktop, in your sidebar, etc:

Remove Dock Permanently Hide On Mac Os X

You can also download my “Trash.app” script

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5 Responses to Disable Dock OS X Mavericks

  1. Felix says:

    There is a more clever way to disable the dock in OS X. Simply hide the dock in preferences and then increase the response time of the dock when you hover on the bottom of your screen using the terminal. Simply paste: defaults write com.apple.Dock autohide-delay -float 1000 && killall Dock

    If you want to return to default paste: defaults delete com.apple.Dock autohide-delay && killall Dock

    I set mine to 1000 seconds which means I never get to see my dock ;). Combine this with the provided trash script and quicksilver or alfred and you got the perfect system!

  2. Brendan Fagan says:

    Just on the Trash Can. Where do i write the apple script? Is in terminal? not sure what to do here.

  3. W says:

    Hi Randy – I’ve updated the post with options of how to easily reset this as well as a workaround for the trash can.

  4. Randy says:

    Hi. I was able to accomplish this, but I wish I hadn’t because it makes it tough to get to the trash can to see what is in it. Do you happen to have the instructions as to how to set the dock back to it’s default behavior? thanks! — Randy

  5. vme says:

    Do you happen to know where the physical plist file location is?

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