Dell Studio XPS – CD/DVD Drive Stuck [Solved]

Dell Studio XPS

CD Drive has no Eject Hole

Is your CD or DVD drive stuck in your Dell Studio XPS? These machines have a slot-loading CD drive and there is NO EJECT HOLE! Sometimes the CD or DVD will come lose and the eject button does nothing – it makes some noise and tries to “eject” the CD, unsuccessfully.

So how do you get that CD out? Wait – don’t take your computer apart! Some say you can use credit cards, but there is actually a much better and easier trick.

Tools Required

8″ Plastic Zip Ties

Dell Studio XPS – CD/DVD Drive Stuck [Solved]


Step 1:

Insert two plastic zip ties – one into each end of the DVD/CD drive. You’ll want to leave about 1″ of space between each of these and the side of the slot.

Dell Studio XPS – CD/DVD Drive Stuck [Solved]

You will angle one up and the other down so that one goes above the CD, and one goes below the CD.

You will only need to insert these about 1 – 1.5 inches. Don’t insert them any farther because you don’t need to, and you don’t want to damage any of the slot loading optical drive’s components.

Step 2:

After the zip ties are inserted, slide them both towards the middle.

Dell Studio XPS – CD/DVD Drive Stuck [Solved]

Step 3:

When they are close to the middle they will be pinching the CD naturally.

Gently tug on both of them. As you pull them out, the CD will start to inch out with them.

Dell Studio XPS – CD/DVD Drive Stuck [Solved]

If the fit is too tight, slide them a little bit towards the sides and away from the center.

Step 4:

Dell Studio XPS – CD/DVD Drive Stuck [Solved]

Congratulations! Now you have successfully extracted a CD that was stuck / lost inside of your Slot Loading Dell Studio XPS CD Drive!!

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