Printable FedEx Door Tag

Printable FedEx Door Tag

You want delivery options that fit your busy schedule. When you can’t be available and you’ve missed a FedEx Express package delivery – whether it’s a prescription, business documents or a gift from Grandma – you want simple instructions on how and where to pick up your package or how to request its redelivery.

Indirect Signature Required

FedEx will obtain a signature in one of three ways:

  • From any person at the delivery address; or
  • From a neighbor, building manager or other person at a neighboring address; or
  • The recipient can sign a FedEx door tag authorizing release of the package without anyone present.

Printable / Downloadable FedEx Door Tag

Printable FedEx Door Tag


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One Response to Printable FedEx Door Tag

  1. JOHN W ZELLER says:

    You should not bother a neighbor. You don’t know what there situation is may work nights and sleep days who wants to be some up so you can get your book from Amazon. Be responsible for your own packages. I get harassed 3 times a week by FedEx to buzzer them in our building. I’m not your doorman or secretary.

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