chef knife setup

For more info you can visit the knife configuration page on opscode

% knife --help
Usage: knife sub-command (options)
-s, --server-url URL             Chef Server URL
-k, --key KEY                    API Client Key
    --[no-]color                 Use colored output, defaults to enabled
-c, --config CONFIG              The configuration file to use
    --defaults                   Accept default values for all questions
-d, --disable-editing            Do not open EDITOR, just accept the data as is
-e, --editor EDITOR              Set the editor to use for interactive commands
-E, --environment ENVIRONMENT    Set the Chef environment
-F, --format FORMAT              Which format to use for output
-u, --user USER                  API Client Username
    --print-after                Show the data after a destructive operation
-V, --verbose                    More verbose output. Use twice for max verbosity
-v, --version                    Show chef version
-y, --yes                        Say yes to all prompts for confirmation
-h, --help                       Show this message

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