The Patrons

The fifteen patrons, as listed in Veils of Destiny: A Threads of Fate Novella

  • Anniah – Patron of Justice. Dominion: First-day.
  • Micka – Patron of Harvest. Dominion: Second-day.
  • Stahl – Patron of War. Dominion: Third-day.
  • Jardin – Patron of Travelers. Dominion: Fourth-day.
  • Suzumu – Patron of Harmony. Dominion: Fifth-day.
  • Rizea – Patron of Revenge. Dominion: Sixth-day.
  • Ehle – Patron of Destiny. Dominion: Seventh-day.
  • Ozvald – Patron of Commerce. Dominion: Eighth-day.
  • Katrien – Patron of Thieves. Dominion: Ninth-day.
  • Arawn – Patron of Chaos. Dominion: Tenth-day.
  • Zalis – Patron of Healing. Dominion: Eleventh-day.
  • Ardin – Patron of Arts. Dominion: Twelfth-day.
  • Dauphinee – Patron of Love. Dominion: Thirteenth-day.
  • Eris – Patron of Magic. Dominion: Fourteenth-day.
  • Cristiana – Patron of Death. Dominion: Fifteenth-day.

The Patrons

Maybe “Ardin Patron of Ballet” is related to ardin / (ardon) patron of the arts.

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