Gravity Forms – Disable and Remove the “Map It” Link

In the Gravity Forms generated emails, if your form has a “address” field the email notification generated by using something like {all_fields} will have a “Map It” link associated with the address, which will open Google Maps.

Add this code to your theme’s functions.php file to disable / remove the “Map It” link from the email notification.

// code courtesy of
add_filter("gform_pre_send_email", array($this,'gform_pre_send_email'));
function gform_pre_send_email($email)

    // attempt to match the link using a regular expression
    $test = preg_replace("#\<a [^>]+?\>Map It[^>]+\>#i", '', $email["message"]);
    // if the result is not empty / blank, use it to replace the original html
        $email["message"] = $test;

    return $email;


If you want to hide the “map it” link from the HTML that is displayed on a webpage ( if you confirmation has the {all_fields} merge replacement in it ) then you can add some CSS like this:

    display: none;

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