Install syslinux 3.86 on Ubuntu

Get the syslinux 3.86 download from here, maybe the syslinux-3.86.tar.gz file

To build syslinux-3.86 on Ubuntu, Debian, and similar:

apt-get install build-essential nasm
cd /tmp
wget ""
tar -xf syslinux-3.86.tar.gz
cd /tmp/syslinux-3.86

you will most likely get some errors about building for windows, but when this process finishes you will have the 3.86 version of syslinux working.

Execute the main program by running:


You can also do a make install but that may conflict with other versions of syslinux you have installed ( if you have already tried apt-get install syslinux, for example)

Another note, you can run apt-get install syslinux-legacy to get a version of syslinux that is around 3.63 to 3.82:

Check all of the versions by doing something like this:

$ which syslinux


$ strings /usr/bin/syslinux | grep SYSLINUX

SYSLINUX 4.05 20140113

$ which syslinux-legacy


$ strings /usr/bin/syslinux-legacy | grep SYSLINUX

SYSLINUX 3.63 Debian-2012-04-16

$ strings /tmp/syslinux-3.86/linux/syslinux | grep SYSLINUX

SYSLINUX 3.86 0x53e5a115

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