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Firefox has a great search feature based on Command-F (Mac) or Control-F (Windows).
You get a cute little text box at the bottom of the screen which allows you to search the whole page.

Firefox Find
Subsequently Command-G works just fine to take you down through the page.
Just ‘ (apostrophe) alone will bring up the Quick Find box. It looks almost the same but isn’t. Quick Find only searches URLs (a nice extra almost undocumented feature).

Firefox Quick Find invoked with Apostrophe
If you want to do a Quick Find in all the text you need to use / (forward slash).
You can get caught in an edit box (think Gmail or forums) and be unable to type an apostrophe.

  • Type about:config in the address bar to access Firefox’s hidden preferences and toggle “searchkeys.disable.all” to true
  • I haven’t decided whether to leave the QuickFind on (now that I know how it works). I certainly don’t think Quick Find should be on by default.

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