Open with PTTL – Firefox 3.5+ (Plain Text to Link)

I love the Open PTTL firefox extension, but recently upgraded to Firefox 3.5. One of the add-ons which broke was the “Plain Text to Link” addon. I took a look at the Mozilla Addons page and this is the author’s only extension. And it hasn’t been updated since July 2008.

I took a quick look at the code and it seemed pretty simple – and it looks like everything will work fine with Firefox 3, so I’ve edited the install requirements to allow installing on up to Firefox 3.5.*

The old extension file was named plain_text_to_link-1.5.20080618-fx.xpi

I’ve called the new one plain_text_to_link-1.6.20100125-fx.xpi

You probably need to download it to your computer and then drag the xpi file on top of firefox to install :)


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