Conclusion: Hackintosh on a Dell XPS 630

xps 630 hackintoshAfter doing quite a bit of research, I think it seems fairly impossible to successfully install Mac OS X on a Dell XPS 630i.

  1. The first steps involved removing one of the video cards, and removing ram so that the system only had 4GB installed.
  2. Next, I used iBoot and the official Snow Leopard 10.6 install CD. The standard configuration throws errors, so I used the options -v -f -x. The -v flag is what shows you the lines of code (as opposed to the gray screen with the apple on it).
  3. After that, I received a “Still waiting for root device” error. This means that the installation can not access the hard disk. The solution to this on most systems is to adjust the AHCI mode, or “If you are using a SATA disk, make sure it is set for IDE legacy mode in the PC BIOS and not ‘enhanced'” – unfortunately the XPS 630 has very limited options in the BIOS, and none of these things are present.
  4. Another option to get past that error would be having an IDE hard drive present in the system – however, I don’t believe any of the XPS 630i systems have an IDE connector.
  5. Finally, using a custom version of OSX, like OSx86, or a 10.4 or 10.5 version with custom ktext drivers might be able to solve this problem, but A) I couldn’t find a good version, and B) I wanted to run 10.6 and not anything earlier.

Please post comments if you have had any more luck than I did! :)

You might also check the Hackintosh Wiki as a good resource for the still waiting on root device error.

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One Response to Conclusion: Hackintosh on a Dell XPS 630

  1. Malitz says:

    I am working on this and I got a little further than you did, but not much further. Basically, you can install a PCIe RAID controller in order to comply with the AHCI SATA requirements and thus work around the BIOS limitations.

    Right now, I am at the point where I can get to the initial installation screen, and the graphics are functional, however I cannot get my keyboard or mouse to work. I have a thread open in the tonymacx86 forum for this issue in case you’re interested in any developments.

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