GMMXIE means 2011, in Google Terms. It is derrived from the Roman Numerals M (1000), X (10) I (1). G does not have any meaning in Roman numerals. So, GMMXIE is Google’s way of saying “Happy New Year” for 2011!

Additional Roman Numerals:

Symbol Value
I 1 (one) (unus)
V 5 (five) (quinque)
X 10 (ten) (decem)
L 50 (fifty) (quinquaginta)
C 100 (one hundred) (centum)
D 500 (five hundred) (quingenti)
M 1,000 (one thousand) (mille)

(The odd thing is that I read this GMMXLE instead, as the I looks like an L)

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