Three Extensions to Protect Privacy against Google

remove-tracking1) Google Analytics Opt-Out

Keep Google From Tracking You Online; This extension works in all browsers:

2) Remove Google Redirects

If you’ve ever looked at the URL’s that Google actually populates into the href values of its search results, you’ll see that each one of them redirects through google, so they can see exactly what you’re clicking on. Get rid of that nonsense with this script. You can install it directly with Google Chrome – for Firefox you’ll need to install Greasemonkey.

3) Tracking Token Stripper

FeedBurner and similar links often include Google Analytics tracking tokens in the URL’s query string. These start with the prefix “utm_” (Urchin Tracking Monitor). They are used by the target site to report back statistics regarding the origin of the inbound link.
This extension removes those tokens from the URL once the destination site has been visited, resulting in a cleaner URL that’s more suitable for copying into an email, an instant message, etc.

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