A sort of “text-to-speech” iPhone app which can help Children

Just finished reading the article about the VerbalVictor iPad / iPhone app, where a father has invented an app to allow his son, who is unable to speak, to to use the iPad to communicate, in a familiar voice.

Victor has a rare genetic disorder that delays development of a number of skills, including speech. To help him and others with disabilities, his father, Paul, and some of his students at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem have created an application for the iPhone and iPad that turns their touch screens into communications tools.

The VerbalVictor app allows parents and caregivers to take pictures and record phrases to go with them. These become “buttons” on the screen that Victor touches when he wants to communicate. A picture of the backyard, for example, can be accompanied by a recording of a sentence like “I want to go outside and play.” When Victor touches it, his parents or teachers know what he wants to do.

The full article can be found here: Father Invents ‘VerbalVictor’ App To Help Disabled Son ‘Speak’ Thru iPad

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