Dropbox Command Line Interface (CLI)

Dropbox has some great functionality for their Unix client:

Dropbox command-line interface


Note: use dropbox help  to view usage for a specific command.

 status       get current status of the dropboxd
 help         provide help
 puburl       get public url of a file in your dropbox
 stop         stop dropboxd
 running      return whether dropbox is running
 start        start dropboxd
 filestatus   get current sync status of one or more files
 ls           list directory contents with current sync status
 autostart    automatically start dropbox at login
 exclude      ignores/excludes a directory from syncing

Unfortunately this functionality is not extended to Mac OS X (Dropbox.app) or Windows (dropbox.exe). To show your support for this feature request, please vote it up here:


or visit this thread and make your argument and/or show your support:


Dropbox Command Line Interface  Cli

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