How to Submit a Review to

Lots of businesses seem to be using If you’re wondering how to submit a review, well, a business has to be signed up, first, and then they’ll give you a link review your order after your purchase.

If you’re a business and are wondering how to register for BizRate, it’s part of Shopzilla, and so you’ll need to register there.

This page talks about what Shopzilla is, and how it’s related to BizRate:

This is the registration page for Shopzilla / Bizrate:

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3 Responses to How to Submit a Review to

  1. Karl says:

    Christian is right. I would love to warn online shoppers about a crappy company, but there is no way to do it.

  2. Paula Hall says:

    Yes, I agree! They only send out a link to happy customers! I sure didn’t get one from State Line Tact! Bizrate needs to change this because it’s giving false information to the consumers!

  3. christain mueller says:

    Sounds like a scam. They only send the link out to happy customers. No way to show any negative reviews of a crappy company on BizRate.

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