Google Fails Graceful Degradation

I’m a big fan of Graceful Degradation, Progressive Enhancement, and accessibility in web design. And I think that normally it is also important to Google as well, after all they have hundreds of millions of visitors each day and surely they stretch across the spectrum in terms of devices, browsers, and bandwidth. This is why I was very surprised to visit the Google homepage today without javascript and not see the Google Logo!

I know that most people do have javascript enabled, but is it that hard to set up your page so that your branding doesn’t go missing when it is turned off? I feel like Google should have checked that. I mean, they do allow their search to work just fine without Javascript, so why not the logo too? I feel like this must have been an “oops” as they were probably working on the technology for the eclipse last minute or something. That was pretty cool technology that they used today, by the way.

Comparison: Google screenshots with and without Javascrpt

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  1. Magno says:
    1. skystar 2009/06/30 18:16 午间新闻的图标为啥是这样的?(0) 2009/06/30 18:[email protected], 太阳躲在云后,证明我们需要凉快。。。(0)skystar 2009/06/30 23:[email protected], 额,那到了冬天呢?(0) 2009/07/01 18:[email protected], 晨间用雾,晚间用月,午间只能用日了——我是这样设计的。(0)skystar 2009/07/01 21:[email protected]林卯, 你的头像。。。(0) 2009/07/02 21:[email protected], 头像怎么了?(0)skystar 2009/07/03 00:[email protected]林卯, 没什么,很特别,没看懂(0)

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