Access Hidden Files with Quicksilver

Access Hidden Files with Quicksilver

You may be wondering if Quicksilver Indexes Hidden Files – or if you can access them with Quick Silver. The short version is that if you use the alt / option key and the / key or hold alt / option and right arrow into a folder with quicksilver, it will show you the hidden files inside of it. This also works for special folders, like Applications (.app)

Access Hidden Files with Quicksilver

  1. Access QuickSilver. Start entering Mac and one of the top options is Macintosh HD
  2. Select Macintosh HD but before opening it up with the action ‘Open’, enter “Alt – /” . This will give you access to all the hidden files in that Folder.
  3. now you can use QuickSilver to access the host file, Macintosh HD/Private/etc/hosts
  4. By entering “?” you can move up a level if you get to the hosts file but want to access ‘etc’ folder to change the ‘read/write’ security settings of the host file.
  5. These are different ways to do the same, I suggest using QuickSilver to access the hidden file, ‘private/etc/hosts’ to access the host file and making the modifications you need manually.

So, yes, Quicksilver Indexes Hidden Files, sort of.

Thanks to Juan

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