Google Bans Adwords use for Facebook

You can no longer use Google Adwords to advertise things on Facebook. If you have anything that is related to Facebook and want to promote it, you will first need to get it approved by the Adwords team.

I learned about this from a friend who has founded a social media marketing company who was trying to do some advertising. He sent me a transcript of the phone conversation he just had with a Google Adwords representative so I could share it here.

Caller: Hello, I am calling because I received a promotion to advertise our company on Adwords.

Google Adwords Rep: Hello, let me just get your name, email address, and website please.

Caller: ____, _____, and _____.

Google Adwords Rep: What is it that your company does?

Caller: We assist small businesses establish an effective presence on Facebook and Twitter.

Google Adwords Rep: Alright well I will actually have to check with my higher up to get this approved because we recently stopped running Adwords for Facebook.

Caller: You did? Why?

Google Adwords Rep: Yes, well we are currently in a fierce legal battle with Facebook so we have started screening our Adwords. We are turning down adwords that promote Facebook. I will email you within the next two days to let you know whether or not your Adwords campaign is approved.

Maybe that fierce legal battle, which they are not discussing the details of, is related to Facebook’s advertisements, or the new Google Plus One service, which looks very similar to Facebook. I welcome comments about this.

The Google Plus Stream Looks a lot like Facebook

The Google Plus Stream Looks a lot like Facebook

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14 Responses to Google Bans Adwords use for Facebook

  1. testbericht akkusauger says:

    I savor, result in I found just what I used to be looking for. You’ve ended my 4 day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

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  5. Of course it looks like Facebook…

    It’s like saying Every website has a header, footer, sidebar and content….. These are common for websites….

    And that layout/design is/will be common for Social Networking Site Streams.

  6. jarofgreen says:

    In their defense, fb banned Google plus ads first. Not that saying “they threw a petty hissy fit first” is much of a defense but still. Intresting he explicitly mentioned legal tho.

  7. David Lin says:

    Google has nothing to fear about Facebook, Google has already dominated the search engine market, now it is time for Google to catch up for the social media market. The true story should be : Facebook is fear about Google and ban Google+ ads on Facebook, then Google just fight back to ban Facebook ads on Adwords. it is simple as that.

    Check out this: Google vs Facebook, who will win?

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  10. Troy McConaghy says:

    I’m not aware of any current “fierce legal battle” between Google and Facebook. They definitely spar over other things. Check out the comments on HN:

  11. poo says:

    did u hear facebook bans people from posting google + adds on facebook

  12. Eli Gundry says:

    I would just like to point out that they are blocking Facebook from posting ads, but allow this?

    All kidding aside, doesn’t this go against everything Google preaches about net neutrality and walled gardens? Without a court order stopping them, from a business standpoint, how does this make sense for Google? They don’t make money off of said ads and are, in my opinion, putting up a wall. Take for example this possible Google Ad:

    Come like Bob’s Burgers on Facebook

    Would this ad be rejected? If so, what’s to stop them from blocking other words (beyond obscene ones) that have to do with competitors?

  13. William D. says:

    Google has a lot to fear from Facebook’s growth, and it’s not surprising that they’re not going out of their way to help advertise anything that provides any sort of a benefit to the whole Facebook ecosystem. Facebook is really getting entrenched into peoples lives and its only a matter of time until they come up with their own social search product of some kind that goes far beyond their modest relationship with Bing and that has to threaten Google on some level. Brands have invested too much in their Facebook presences to give that up easily and there’s an entire burgeoning ecosystem of firms that can help companies gain more Facebook fans such as those mentioned at BuyFacebookFansReviews and other sites. Google executives have to be sitting awake at night considering how to challenge Facebook’s rise and I think Google+ isn’t likely to reach the mass audience that Facebook has managed to gain. I think Facebook and Google’s battles over the next few years will get increasingly ugly and we’re going to see a lot of negative moves from both companies to stymie the growth of the other, which is fascinating to watch as a tech observer.

    PS: This is sort of a joke, but the real noteworthy story here is almost that somebody managed to get a semi-useful answer from Google Adwords HORRIBLE support.

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