How to (ineffectively) contact Google Checkout

I recently completed a feedback survey that Google Checkout sent me after I tried to use their contact form twice. Below is the feedback survey, followed by their e-mail response.


Re: [#839702105] I am reporting a problem not mentioned on the contact form


We'd be more than happy to assist you and answer your question. However,
to protect your privacy and security, we're unable to respond to this
inquiry because the Google Checkout Merchant ID you've provided is not
associated with the email address you've provided.

Your account and payment security is our highest priority. One aspect of
our security safeguards is that we don't release certain account
information without a way of identifying the recipient of that

We ask you to resubmit your request with an email address and Merchant ID
associated with the Google Checkout account about which you're inquiring

A Merchant ID is a unique, numeric code assigned to your business by
Google. The Merchant ID must be associated with one of the email addresses
stored in your Google Checkout account.

Here's how to find your Google Checkout Merchant ID:

  1. Sign in to your Checkout merchant account at
  2. Click the 'Settings' tab.
  3. Click 'Integration'. Your Merchant Key and ID will appear under
    'Account information'.


The Google Checkout Team

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