Using Apple Remote Desktop On Mac OSX – Tutorial

Here is a brief tutorial on using Remote Desktop On Mac OS X

Now there are sort of two “flavors of Remote Desktop”

Remote Desktop Connection for Mac

The first is for connecting to a PC / Windows Box from a Mac and it is called “Remote Desktop Connection” and has a file name Remote Desktop


All I’m going to say about this one is where to download it, because you probably already know how to use it (and there are a lot of guides out there).

Apple Remote Desktop

The Second is Called “Apple Remote Desktop” or “Apple Remote Desktop 3.5” and has a file name Remote

Using Apple Remote Desktop On Mac Osx Tutorial

This is the one we’ll be focusing on.

The first step is to download it. The web page is here which is basically a link to the App Store. It costs about $80.

After you download / install Using Apple Remote Desktop you will have a Remote Desktop management screen that looks something like this:

Remote Desktop On Mac Osx Tutorial

Next, on the remote computers you want to observe / manage / control you will need to install the Apple Remote Desktop Client (version 3.5.3 linked).

After installing the client on the remote machine, make sure to also set the remote desktop / remote management “Sharing” preferences in System Preferences:

Remote Management Sharing Preferences In System Preferences

Now on your management computer you should see the remote computer show up in the Scanner tab of Remote Desktop – at this point you can “add it” so that it will show up in the “All Computers” section

Remote Computer Show Up In The Scanner Tab Of Remote Desktop

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