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Dear Customer,
Social Media Made Easy
  You’ve been busy publishing on your website and Social Media Profiles, and we’ve been busy building great new tools to help you do just that! Managing your Social Media Publishing is going to get richer and easier with the launch of Post app by  
Schedule your Posts
The new Post app enables you to schedule your posts. You can always come back and edit your scheduled posts and change their publishing time.
Save Drafts
Post app enables you to save drafts while working on the posts, making your scheduling and publishing to multiple networks and profiles much easier.
Post app keeps history of all the posts you have made to each of your Networks. And the application also keeps track of likes, comments, and retweets your posts are getting.
Upload Photos
Your account now comes with bundled storage enabling you to upload and serve photographs from right inside the app using our highly scalable infrastructure.
Changes to existing plans
With the launch of these new features, we are also rolling out changes to the existing plans that we offer. Since your account is currently subscribed to the free plan, we want to let you know the changes that will happen with the launch of these new features. Below is the quick check list of all that is changing. Please make sure that you are aware of the changes and upgrade your account accordingly.
  Old Free Plan New Free Plan Pro Plan
Need any clarification? Contact us
Networks 2 Unlimited Unlimited
Posts 300/day 50/month 1000/month
Storage 50 KB 1 GB
Note: Please note that these changes will be effective from 1 October, 2012. With this email, we want to give you enough notice so that you are prepared for this upcoming change.
Thank you

Note that in their e-mail subject line the actually misspelled “announcements” as “annoucements”.

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