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Goaddy Chat SupportGoDaddy has wait times for phone support that could be 5 minutes to 30 minutes – sometimes even 45 minutes. A lot of times when I want support I don’t want to listen to hold music. Go Daddy does offer you the chance to press the pound button when you call in so that you can hold without music, but then once per minute you’ll get a recorded message telling you that your call is important.

When I talked to their rep he asked me if I e-mailed in my support request that I was checking on, or if I had opened the ticket when chatting. I told him I didn’t realize that they offered chat support (I had looked for it on their website before) – I enjoy using chat support most times. He said he was referring to “chatting” (voice) and not the IM style chat (error in his language) and then said he wasn’t sure if they did offer chat support or not. They are so huge – hopefully they will offer it in the future because I can’t find it on their site.

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